Sin City Survival Snacks, Gluten-Free



Lacey just got back from a weekend in Vegas. Before leaving, what was shared of the agenda was vague…eleven girls meet up at the airport, poolside at the hotel, a limo ride somewhere, bottle-service at some club, maybe a second club (?), then “whatever the girls wanna do.” I can respect the traditions of a bachelorette celebration, the secrecy (Lacey tells me everything anyway) is all part of the wedding fun. But one thing didn’t sit well with me.

For a week, the ill-feelings lingered. I couldn’t wrap my head around it. I like these girls, but how could they? I tried to ignore it, but couldn’t. So I decided to take matters into my own hands.

Per the two-day agenda, THERE WERE NO PLANNED MEALS! So the night before Lacey’s departure I made two trips. First stop was scheduled for Cost Plus World Market, then off to Whole Foods Market. Worst case scenario, Lacey would survive 48hrs. on snacks alone.

All selected snacks met one of three criteria: Nutrient-rich, protein-rich and hydrating. Whether Lacey missed lunch, took one too many shots or couldn’t find a late-night bite after the strip-club (WHAAAT?!) – she had a feast of gluten-free survival treats.


Gluten-free love,

Suede and Swadley