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Prepping for the big game, Lacey suggested we keep it healthy – and me, I wanted to drink. She wanted veggies, I wanted beer. She was craving spicy, and I craved hoppy. Lacey thought finger foods would be “cute,” and I on the other hand couldn’t decide between a six-pack or a 22oz. bomber. But we always agree on one thing – our menu items are to be strictly gluten and dairy free.

I was skeptical about the take on buffalo wings, but combine cauliflower with pancake batter and a Frank’s RedHot concoction, and you have a pretty solid appetizer. As for my beer choice, it was gonna be hit-or-miss with my cider selection. Confident that its ‘sparkling’ characteristic would complement the buffalo sauce well – it was the beverage’s common ‘sweetness’ that I feared would linger on the palate too long. But it worked. The outcome of my twenty-minute hunt in Whole Foods’ Specialty department was definitely a success.

Now before this adventure, I wasn’t even a fan. But the secret for proclaimed beer drinkers is choosing a cider that’s “dry-hopped” – where the inclusion of hops adds those familiar mineral and floral profiles. All I’m saying is after a holiday season of “dark and malty” – dry hopped ciders might be my new favorite thing.


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