Happy 2015

Slide1Hat: Basement Marketplace, similar here and here; Jacket: J.Crew, old, similar here and here; Leggings: J. Crew, here; Boots: Steve Madden, old, similar here; Sunglasses: Ralph Lauren, here.

Happy New Year! Holy cow, did 2014 fly by, I almost couldn’t keep up. But, I’m exceptionally excited for 2015. It snowed on New Years Eve. In Tucson. That can only mean good things coming for the new year – a clean slate, starting anew. There’s something magical about the desert covered in snow. It rarely happens here (once a year, if we’re lucky), but when it does, it’s so serene yet impalpably mystical. There is nothing like it, but I highly suggest you experience it.

Let me welcome you to our blog – Lacey & Suede. It’s a his and hers perspective on fashion, food, drink and fitness – pretty much all of the things we love in life. Hopefully we’ll inspire, be approachable, have interesting posts and if nothing else, be slightly entertaining.


“BABE, we’re finally doing this!” See, for Lacey and me – this blog has been an idea of ours for at least eighteen months now. We wanted to create a project that we could collaborate on. Something we could call a ‘hobby’ and have some fun with outside of work.

A professional marketing and pilates career currently pay the bills – and while we love what we do and the people we work with, there are just too many things Lacey and I ‘want to be.’

Lacey loves clothes and could totally see herself as a stylist. Or even as a designer, taking her fashion sense outside of our home and introducing it to the world. As for Suede? I made a promise to rescue Lacey from her ‘boy scout diet.’ So playing chef and adding some style to gluten free cooking has become a passion of mine. But other lifestyles that entertain our curiosity are acting, bodybuilding and professional bull riding.

It’s the beginning of a new year – and we’re anxious for this blog to become our ‘official’ creative outlet. In the mean time though, you’ll hopefully appreciate a couple of weirdos doing things that often don’t make sense. Lacey&Suede – a hers and his perspective on everything that’s interesting to us.


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