His Goals

Reflecting on what I’ve done in the past to declare my New Year’s Resolutions, I’ve decided to take a different approach for 2015. I will not list goals, I won’t select a bad habit to kick, and I refuse to promise anybody that I’ll be a Japanese-speaking-harmonica-player by next December. Nope, I’m not doing it. Now don’t get me wrong, I highly value ambition. But what I’ve learned about myself is this – that unless my mind is healthy and free of negative energy, no form of success ever seems fully satisfying.

So my resolution is to allow three truths to guide my daily actions all year through:


(Source: Candace Studebaker, Integrative Energy Therapies)

I’m confident this approach will relieve my mental distractions and invite a level of accomplishment too obvious to deny. And at that point, we sit back and enjoy a solid single-barrel whisky (it’s my new favorite thing)! Oh, one last thing…I’m definitely diggin’ Lacey’s last post and her goal to create a “bedtime ritual” – so I might just make an exception to join her in “applying a detoxifying face mask.”


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