Pizza Party of Two




Lacey asked, “Babe, what about pizza for dinner??” Because she can’t do gluten, “delivery” is never an option – and even though we’ve discovered our favorite “gluten-free crust available upon request,” I wanted Lacey all to myself that night. So I decided we’d stay in – and replied, “What about a pizza bar love?”
The key to having fun with this is lots of ingredients for lots of options! Our curious taste buds can often be unpredictable – so we must always be prepared with savory, sweet, salty, rich, tangy, and any combination of flavor profiles. Another necessity is sauce options. San Marzano tomato sauce, a cashew-based pesto and a dried-oregano olive oil all made the final cut. And lastly, the style of crust. But it wasn’t a matter of ‘thin’ or ‘deep dish’ – instead it was choosing the perfect size to yield more creations than our appetites expected.
An evening of me chopping and slicing, Lacey snacking (on my chops and slices) and us building equally appetizing masterpieces was definitely a satisfying dinner choice. And according to Lacey, the final product was, “mmmmm….mmm…mmmmm.”


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