Protein Americano with a Splash





I have two types of mornings: one where I cook us some turkey and eggs with a side of cinnamon-raisin toast – and the other where Lacey is fleeing her last dream as I rush off to the studio. Regardless, coffee and breakfast are two things I refuse to miss. As a pair, they prepare me for the day both physically and mentally. And without them, verbal cues are mumbled and patience runs thin.

This is why three ingredients are always stocked – the minimum needed to combine caffeine and nutrients – but all that is essential to fuel body and mind. I call it my morning cocktail. This one is alcohol-free, but it’s definitely a mood changer after just a few sips.



Aerobie Aeropress Coffee Maker, here.

Glassware of choice

Cocktail spoon


Ingredient list:

Savaya Coffee Market ground “Mexico”, here.

PlantFusion “Vanilla Bean” protein powder, here.

Almond milk

and if you wanna get serious…

Green SuperFood, here.

and if you wanna get fancy…

Cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla extract…follow your taste buds.


TOAST…”To morning drinks that make us right.”





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