Tangelo final

When life hands me tangelos, I’m gonna make me a cocktail. I wondered the same thing at first – a tangelo is a hybrid of tangerine and pomelo (or grapefruit). And thanks to a pilates client of mine, I had a plastic bag full of ‘honeybells’ (a cute, little nickname they’re sometimes embarrassed by) pleading for a pie or jam alternative as a last hurrah. So I looked to my bar cart for inspiration.

I wanted to keep it simple. Lacey and I needed a quick option to pair with dinner – so there wasn’t time to explore infusions or gather a long list of ingredients. The tangelo is extremely juicy, with a mild tangerine flavor and refreshing sweet finish. Mixing the juice with Rum would better suit a dessert drink. And gin is a spirit Lacey has yet to acquire a taste for. So I settled for Kirkland brand vodka, six times distilled to complement the juice’s friendly character.

A vodka-tangelo with a splash of soda is nothing remarkable on its own. But hand-select fashioned glassware and style with texture and color – you have a dinner cocktail worth appreciating.

TOAST…”To good looking drinks for good lookin’ drinkers.”


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