Amethyst Bubbles





Happy Friday! This week has been a whirlwind of celebration for Suede’s 30th birthday — a nice break from the usual work week– with eating, drinking and shopping. What’s a week of birthday celebration without a bubbly beverage? So, Suede styled a fabulous, festive drink inspired by my Gem Show spoils and fit for birthday merrymaking.

I ended up with four new unusual, yet beautiful pieces post-Gem Show. A pair of smoky quartz studs, square and just big enough to be noticed. A pair of dangly earrings, sterling silver, hand-made in the shape of a flower bud in mid-bloom. A long, silver necklace with a pendant of the earth. The pendant is also a harmony ball: it makes a faint chime when it’s shaken or moved — said to soothe you and bring tranquility — something I could use with having high energy and a short attention span. And lastly, my favorite item: a two-toned, thick-banded ring. The randomly distributed crystal accents, tear-dropped shaped, off-center amethyst and rough edges make it unexpected…and the reason I’ll wear it three times a week.


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  1. Wow Lacey, Every one of your choices are stunning. My favorites are the stud ear rings. I know who I need to ask to go shopping with next year.

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