Carnival Graveyard – Part 2






Both looks: Leggings: Victoria’s Secret, here; boots, Dolce Vita, old, similar here; necklace, J. Crew old, similar here; watch, Nixon, here.

Look 1: Faux leather vest, Love Stitch, old, similar here and here; blouse, LC Lauren Conrad, old, similar here; faux leather shorts, LC Lauren Conrad, old, similar here.

Look 2: Faux fur vest, Luxe Rachel Zoe, here; tunic, J. Crew, old, similar here.

I’m excited to bring you the other half of our carnival graveyard adventure. (See part one here.) The barbed wire fence gets serious camera-time — which I couldn’t love more. You might wonder why we’re on the other side of the fence and not closer to the carnival rides. Here’s why: as we pulled up to the front gates of the yard, despite their being open, we heeded the warnings of the ‘Keep Out’ signs and dilapidated guardhouse. Which was a good thing, because as we were unloading, the two graveyard keepers slowly sauntered towards our vehicle….with a dog. They were exactly what your imagination would conjure up: strong, dusty, jeans and t-shirts with cut off sleeves, worn, hardworking hands, missing teeth and a gait that sends a warning. I quietly warned Suede of their approach, he was seemingly unfazed, as if they’d completely understand our desire to take photographs of different ensembles.

They stopped ten feet from us and asked, tersely “can we help you?” Suede, with camera in hand and his undeniably warm and kind smile, explained what our intentions were. They offered to let us shoot inside the yard, with supervision, of course. We politely declined and thanked them for the offer. They turned to head back into their domain, but not before their chihuahua hopped out of my car and followed them in, closing the gate behind them.

We took our time capturing all three looks — juxtaposing plush, soft fabrics and the harsh, barbed wire fence. We did the ‘wear to work’ look using warm leggings and booties in Part 1, then funked it up with two off-duty, cozy options. The first look here incorporates faux leather shorts and a faux leather and fur vest – which could have easily been overkill – but works for a casual day option.

And the second look is still funky, yet a little formal for chilly evening out. The silk tunic offsets the bulkiness of the statement-making long, black and white striped faux fur vest. It’s warm, comfy and loose-fitting — perfect for having a dessert or two.

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