Farewell to February





Suede and I will pretty much use anything as a reason to make a special drink, meal or baked good. February coming to a close is no different than any other holiday or celebration. We’re bidding adieu to the month with a flavorful Cherry Almond Bread. Here’s the kicker: I made it, not Suede. Now, Suede is a fabulous cook: he seldom uses recipes, rarely pre-plans and does not like being confined by measurements and directions. I, on the other hand, love baking. Why? It’s specific, it’s finite, it tells me exactly what to do. And when I do what a recipe says, my pièce de résistance is perfect — it’s so satisfying.

We settled on this recipe. It’s slightly sweet, full of maraschino cherries, slivered almonds and best of all, it’s gluten free. We’ve enjoyed this amaretto-esque bread for breakfast with black coffee and as a dessert treat after dinner. It’s simple and seemingly insignificant, but adds a little something special to the week.

Happy Friday!



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