Tamarind-Apple Sangria





Lacey surprised me with a treat she knew I’d appreciate…being Mexican and all. Fashioned as the caramel version – the color and aromas hinted differently. It definitely looked familiar, but its form was foreign to me. Could it be?…A small bite confirmed its existence – a tamarindo covered apple it was.

If you’ve ever consumed Mexican candy, ‘tamarindo’ (or tamarind) should be a flavor the taste buds can easily recall. Whether you’re a fan or not – salty, sweet, sour and spiced with ground chile peppers makes for a memorable experience. Now call it nostalgia or an acquired taste, Lacey’s edible gift was tasty – and was the perfect inspiration for a cocktail.

Sangria was most fitting for the fruit at hand. And I was confident the sugar content from the apple and wine would nicely complement the rich, chili flavors. My strategy was simple – minimal ingredients and inexpensive alcohol. The cocktail would instead highlight the ‘secret ingredient.’ Apple bites, slices, and sparkling apple cider made for a sangria even Lacey enjoyed.

TOAST…”To childhood treats and grown-up drinks.”


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