Three, Zero


Early on, there are a handful of birthday milestones we look forward to. Thirteen, we’re not a ‘kid’ no more; Sixteen, we can drive; Eighteen, “you’re not the boss of me”; Twenty-one, we have the key to the city; Twenty-five, a quarter century down; And thirty years old, everyone claims – “That’s a big one!”

Regardless of the hype, I realized how few celebrations I could actually recall. Riddle me this…who remembers the details of their 29th birthday? Well I do! But only because who could forget “ROMOsas,” a line of adults waiting to ‘break’ the piñata, Super Nachos as the main course, a build-your-own snack bar, and raffle prizes – $1 for one ticket, $2 for two? My point is that it doesn’t matter the age you turn – birthdays should always be a memorable event.

Today, February 18th, I turn 30 years old. I’m still not sure what “dirty thirty” really means, or what’s expected of me as I say farewell to my twenties. But what I do know is that it’ll be another birthday I won’t forget. Not quite elaborate as last year’s, the agenda will definitely include some exclusive activities…an out-of-town visit from my Mommy, lunch at a restaurant unexplored, and shopping for 2015’s first suit. I won’t be wishing for bigger, or better or more. All I can hope for is that every b-day celebration following the big-3-0 be considered one of my best days ever.


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