V-Day Gifts: for him from her


Here’s the thing ladies – when it comes to gift giving, you can’t treat all special occasions equally. Christmas gifts, birthday presents, anniversary and other generous holidays should all satisfy a unique emotion. Of course we’ll always say, “It doesn’t matter”…but the truth is, we often downplay our expectations.

We really are simple creatures though. And the easiest way to show your love and make us feel special is to ‘feed our ego.’ Our masculine being is driven by attention – so anything that elevates us over our counterparts is definitely a love-felt Valentine’s Day gift.

To match our good looks…

A tailored sportcoat – J.Crew Italian cotton Ludlow, here.

Pair of shades – Han Kjobenhavn timeless sunglasses, here.

Clean sneaks – Nike Air Odyssey sneakers, here.

To remind us how classy we are…

Special release, craft beer – 100pt. rated limited release, here.

Single-barrel whiskey – Willett 6-year old rye whiskey, here.

Hand crafted decanter – Crate&Barrel Mingle decanter, here.

To recognize our success…

An upgraded accessory – Michael Kors rose gold watch, here.

A well-deserved ‘break’ – Weekend stay at a casino resort, here.


Comment or email us for more gift ideas. Happy Valentine’s Day. XO.


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