We’re gonna play Pilates


Today, the sun shone on two amazing growth opportunities. Professionally, my pilates practice will introduce its first satellite location – ‘Suede Pilates at Sunshine School’ – where I will guide preschool children through a twenty-minute pilates mat class every other Wednesday. For me personally, my skill-sets will be challenged to connect with a client-base at least 50years younger than what I’m accustomed to – encouraging me to refine some confident habits of anticipation and communication. In all honesty, it’s really intimidating.

My first fear is that these 3, 4 and 5 year olds will totally think I’m boring – and would rather be drawing or coloring or doing anything else to pass the minutes before snack time. Another is that I fail to captivate their imagination or understand how they see the world – leading to a morning exercise routine that they beg their teachers not to make them do again. But because my time and work with these kids is extremely limited, my biggest fear is that their movement patterns will never see improvement.

The realization of teaching pilates to preschoolers is that they will NOT understand it. They won’t appreciate it. And they may very well never remember it. So regardless of their mental capacity and current level of interest, it’s my responsibility to get their little muscles working differently. Because fifty years from now, the investment to fix the body’s accumulated bad habits will cost them heavily.

My daily teaching goal is to identify similarities and differences that are shared by this ’50-year exercise gap.’ Teaching both ends of the spectrum will hopefully encourage everyone in between to give their body more attention.


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  1. Suede, this could definitely be a challenge!! However you have a gift….you have always been amazing with chdren. You’ll find a way to teach and keep their attention. So proud of of you!!!

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