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I ask myself two questions when brainstorming my next cocktail: 1. What will Lacey like? And 2. How can I make a simple mix-drink more interesting? The spirits and ingredients that stock my bar at home are usually gifts from family and friends, or acquired items previously labeled “manager’s special.” With that said, I use what’s accessible and have my fun with the details. Or as Lacey’s fashion sense would put it – I ‘accessorize my base layers.’

A quick back-story…

Almost three years ago at a friend’s wedding, Lacey ‘collaborated’ with the resort’s bartender to create “Alex-D’s Wild Tea” – a blend of sweet tea vodka, sour mix, grenadine, fresh lemons and a splash of soda. It met both of Lacey’s two criteria for an enjoyable cocktail – a masked alcohol taste and quick to deliver a buzz.

Fast forward to another friend’s wedding this past weekend…

We learned that the venue’s bar would offer beer and wine only. So to ensure she was always prepared to toast the bride and groom, we snuck in a quick-and-dirty version – two coffee mugs full of $8 sweet tea vodka and Minute Maid lemonade. It definitely served its purpose for a night full of dancing and silliness, but the drink’s lack of character didn’t sit well with me. Although a long weekend, after returning home, I was inspired to add my own touch to a Lacey favorite.

Using our economy-priced Sweet Tea Vodka as the base, the following details complete the cocktail:

Brown sugar cube and bitters

Peach Schnaaps ($3 off at the time of purchase)

Sparkling lemon soda

Lemon juice ice cubes (from lemons given to us by Lacey’s mom)

Club soda to top it off


TOAST…To versions that meet our drinking needs!



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  1. Sounds like a delicious cocktail, and seems easy enough to prepare! Looking forward to more cocktail recipes so keep them coming!

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