A Muddle and a ‘Twist’






We’re looking forward to a visit from my uncle this weekend. He’s that loving family member who is always first to offer his help, the one who never hesitates to pick up the bill, and who never tires of sharing his bad jokes. Often, he’s hired as our handyman, landscaper and mechanic – and the best part is, he only accepts a meal and a drink as payment. But that’s the thing – when it comes to food, he’s a simple man. He’s also known as the ‘hamburger’ guy, and in some circles, the ‘rum and coke’ guy.

My Uncle Joe’s modest taste buds are admired because of their ease of satisfaction. So this evening as we enjoy each other’s company, he’ll be sure to get his “rum and coke” with “one lime wedge.” But for Lacey and I, we’re crafting a fashioned version of the cocktail. Joining us for dinner and a movie are the following ingredients:

Bacardi Rum light/silver (my uncle’s preference)

Virgil’s Real Cola

All Natural Maraschino Cherries (no red dye and no preservatives)

Organic lemon and lime juice

Sprig of mint

TOAST…To family and their unintentional inspiration.


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