Carrot Cake Martini





I’ll admit it, I didn’t think a carrot cake martini was a good idea; it sounded too sweet, too rich. But, Suede exceeded my expectations – this cocktail is a perfect balance of fresh, light and sweet. He’ll finish this post later tonight and share his side of the story – until then, feel free to drink with your eyes.


I hardly even like carrots. Their raw form is tolerable but lacks flavor. When cooked, their texture is hard to ignore. If juiced, forget about it, way too sweet and weird! BUT…there is one style I do admire – carrot CAKE! With an immediate look of uncertainty, Lacey’s first reaction was, “For a cocktail? Like how??”

There were three elements of my favorite carrot type I was determined to interpret into the cocktail: The first was to maintain the integrity of the cake’s ‘spice’ – otherwise, my creation would compare to any other ‘dessert martini’ that is often “too sweet.” The second was the cake’s obvious ‘nut’ component…I went with pecan because of my bias to zip pie and holiday nostalgia. And lastly was finding a suitable alternative for the treat’s cream cheese topping – a component that softens the bold flavors of sweet and spice with just enough ‘creaminess.’

After shredding, muddling and carefully stirring – the combined flavors tasted exactly how I imagined! And because of every desirable aroma that carrot cake offers, it was only appropriate to enjoy the cocktail version from a snifter.

Ingredients from the bottom (of the shaker) up:

Brown sugar cube


Splash of soda

Peeled carrot

Peeled ginger root

Praline Pecan Liqueur

Tito’s Handmade Vodka

Vanilla almond milk (sweetened)


TOAST…To drinkable holiday treats!


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