Lucky Nacho





All week long Lacey and I have enjoyed our share of traditional favorites – from corned beef brisket, to colcannon, Irish soda bread, and even a festive take on corned beef hash. But as we say farewell to St. Patrick, we’re reminded of his presence by a fridge full of leftover ingredients.

The first option is to enjoy a repeated recipe – but we’ve both had our fix. The second is to toss them out and make room for next week’s grocery list – but Lacey hates being wasteful. Or there’s a third option…”Let’s make NACHOS babe!”

Aside from the challenge of making every dish gluten and dairy-free, there’s something about a nacho that highly resonates with positive emotions. Fun, satisfying and memorable only begin to describe my passion for a nacho. I’ve often considered proving my commitment to the three-component beauty by opening a ‘nacho truck’…but I’ll continue to take things slow and see where this online thing goes. For now, I’m completely content with a creation inspired by St. Patrick’s Day:

The chip: Sea salt krinkle cut

The sauce: A spicy mustard, creamy cauliflower

The topping: Pulled corned beef; Organic cabbage; Organic carrots; Chives; Smoked paprika

Until next menu option…”Just eat!”



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