Teaching Style






As a pilates instructor, it’s essential to wear items that are comfortable to move in while teaching. But a full client schedule is rarely the only agenda item – a ‘day at the studio’ may very well consist of a morning volunteer commitment, an online business meeting, a lunch date with Lace, and often a moment to celebrate my daily gratitude. Although I’ve learned a lot from Lacey about the importance of functionality…it is unique simplicity that truly inspires my ‘work uniform.’ Basically, the goal is to match my look to the worth of a pilates investment (while being prepared for any social engagement).  And when this style becomes common among fellow fitness instructors, that’s my cue for another wardrobe evolution.



Brands I’m wearing:

Ray-Ban sunglasses; Everlane v-neck; J.Crew cardigan and flannel button-down; lululemon athletica pants; Birkenstock sandals; Me Undies boxer briefs.

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