Happy Birthday, Baby Bro






My baby bro is 25 years old today. I still struggle with him getting older and sometimes wish he was still 3. Even though he doesn’t need me to translate his baby-talk, go shopping for school clothes, make him food and drive him to soccer practice, I’m always here for whatever he needs, no matter what. He’s my brother, my playmate, my partner-in-crime and my best friend and I’m grateful for him every single day. In honor of James’s 25th birthday, here are 25 things I love about him:

1. Until the age of 2,  I was the only person who could understand what he said.

2. He was my built in playmate and went along with whatever pretend scenario I put him in.

3. We’d wrestle when he was much smaller and I’d win by laying on top of him.

4. There was a point in time when we wore the same shoe size…. and shared the same sneakers.

5. We’ve gone to run errands, and it wasn’t until 5 blocks away that he looks down and notices he forgot shoes.

6. He’s really smart.

7. And he’s a smart ass.

8. He works hard (hello law school graduation next month!) and plays even harder.

9. He is a risk taker — seemingly fearless.

10. He plays sports and video games equally.

11. He doesn’t care about material things.

12. He also doesn’t care for shopping.

13. He has a big, diverse, close knit group of friends.

14. He doesn’t really like dessert, but he is a bread renaissance man.

15. He’s funny — and to me he’s really funny.

16. He must have the last word / hit / dig, even if he started it.

17. He calls himself Jay Money.

18. He has an unrestrained imagination.

19. He makes hilarious, amazing music with his friend Luke.

20. He says things to people you only wish you could say out loud.

21. He doesn’t take himself or anything else seriously – life’s too short.

22. He’s down for anything.

23. He gets along with all people.

24. His birthday falls on April Fools Day and it couldn’t be more fitting.

25. He’s my baby brother and always will be.

Love you baby bro,


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  1. Lacey, what a delightful and unique testimonial for your brother’s birthday. I’m certain he is aware how lucky he is to have such a loving and devoted sister. The photos are real treasures.

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