Hard boiled, High fashion

The tradition of dying and hunting for eggs is an Easter event Lacey and I love. And to stack the odds in our favor, we keep the ‘hunt’ part exclusive at a two-person max. We don’t necessarily compete for who finds the ‘most’ – but the winning spirit is definitely revealed when only one egg remains. The search concludes with a final count, a “good job” kiss, and kitchen-time to create deviled and salad versions. Those couple of hours set the mood for the entire day…but, the holiday festivities and Easter fun really begin a whole 24hrs. earlier.









While Suede and I love the traditional PAAS egg dying kit, this year we stepped up our egg-embellishment game. We went textural to juxtapose the smooth, pristine, uniform shells. I picked up lace, ric rac, grosgrain and rosette ribbon in black, white and blush from the fabric store. (We incorporated iridescent glitter from Martha Stewart’s line, too.) Instead of predictable results, we ended up a with grown-up, high-fashion outcome. Almost too lovely to eat….almost.

Here’s to 3 dozen hard-boiled eggs to sustain us this week.

-Lacey & Suede

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  1. Lovely, who would guess there is “haute couture pour les oeufs”. Looks like a whole lot of fun.
    Bon Appetite!m

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