Holy ****! We’re engaged!




I decided on a morning proposal for two reasons:

  1. To play into Lacey’s AM emotional sensitivity
  2. To celebrate the moment ALL DAY long!

It all went down Saturday, April 11th around 9am – and every detail seemed to be guided by a magical power of love for flawless execution. But my favorite of the day’s events was our post-proposal breakfast…

A collaboration between Lacey&Suede and Claire’s Café & Gallery.

An exclusive, 4-course meal that concluded with a ‘Cinnamon roll-French toast’.

All menu items 100% gluten and dairy-free – a flavor-profile specially designed to satisfy Lacey’s happiest taste buds.

It was one of those days you remember as “the best day ever”…it was…..perfection. 


Suede’s proposal still leaves me speechless – it was unexpected, intimate, and unique to us. The whole day seemed to flow effortlessly. After a once-in-a-lifetime breakfast and spreading the news to family members, we spent the afternoon drinking bubbly beverages. We invited a few close, unsuspecting friends out for drinks and sprung the news on them — I could not have asked for a better ending to the best day. (Special thanks to Jeff, Kristin, Jesse, Tina & Jace for celebrating with us!)




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