House Margarita Quinoa





If Lacey won’t drink tequila, I’ll make dinner with the alcohol instead. The spirit of a Margarita’s flavors is interpreted in a two-item dish – perfectly blending healthy eating and entertaining. Both quinoa and chicken components are chased with a glaze from the agave’s sweeter side. The result? A cocktail-inspired meal that Lacey and I can enjoy TOGETHER.

The protein

Chicken was my protein of choice for yesterday’s dinner…but as I sit here writing about it, shrimp would have been a solid option as well. Regardless of your preference, it’s the marinade that gets the party started:

– Milagro Tequila (silver)

– Squeezed lime juice

– Squeezed blood-orange juice

– Cilantro

– Extra virgin olive oil

The grain

I love cooking with quinoa because its flavor profile can so easily be manipulated. Considering a standard 1:2 (quinoa:water) ratio, you have sixteen ounces of liquid to play with…For a true taste – stick to water; For a sweet taste – add some juice; For a savory flavor – vegetable, chicken or beef broth. But for a Margarita fix:

– 4oz. lime juice (squeezed)

– 4 oz. orange juice (squeezed)

– 8 oz. water (for proper cooking execution)

– Sea salt, pepper and orange zest

The details

Whether crafting a dish or a cocktail, this is where I have the most fun. Those subtle additions is what makes a creation cohesive. It’s also the chance to stamp a meal with our creative strengths and awesome’est’ personality. My twist:

– A jalapeño-agave nectar glaze

– Meal served in a salted, cilantro-rimmed cocktail glass


TOAST…”To drinks we can eat to.”


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