Iced Tequila Mocha… “Will that be all?”






The ingredients

1oz. Milagro Tequila (silver)

3oz. espresso (AeroPress)

Mexican hot chocolate mix (with cinnamon)

8oz. vanilla almond milk (sweetened)

The challenge

As much as Lacey tries to enjoy a tequila-inspired cocktail, her face quickly scrunches up with a disapproving head-shake as she cries out, “YUCK!” And then I say, “But Lovey, it’s alright…you don’t have to like tequila just because I’m Mexican.” However, as a final attempt to change her perception of the agave plant’s masculine flavors – I would use coffee as my ally. Pairing tequila with Lacey’s daily ‘life-source’ seemed like the best approach.

The result

It was pretty damn delicious! Aside from playing along with the theme, I used the ‘spicy’ characteristics of a Mexican hot chocolate (mix) to transition the tequila onto the taste buds. And the weight of the almond milk assured a sweet after taste. The goal wasn’t to completely mask the spirit’s taste – but rather add a unique depth of flavor to a standard coffee drink. For Lacey, an extra ounce of espresso gave the beverage an ideal balance…almost encouraging a change of heart for tequila cocktails.

TOAST…”Al tequila y café.”



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