Lacey’s First ‘Michelada’





With so many variations of the Mexican ‘beer cocktail’ – a simple Michelada is a mix of beer, lime and tomato juice. It’s also described as a beer and Bloody Mary combo, with a name like “bloody beer.” But, what sets apart a good Michelada from a mediocre one is the selection of added sauces and spices that happily marry two distinct flavor palates.

Lacey was curious – so my first challenge was making a gluten-free version that properly represented the drink’s savory goodness. The second challenge was making a Michelada that Lacey would actually drink – considering her dislike for beer. Most would consider the effort a lost cause – but I’ll always embrace Lacey’s dietary restrictions as creative inspiration.

Three things I wanted to accomplish:

  1. Enhance the beer’s GF base ingredients (rice and sorghum) with richer flavors and aromas
  2. Add a spicy element that didn’t distract the taste buds
  3. Use basic ingredients that are easily accessible

Ingredients used from the pantry and bar cart:

– New Grist – gluten-free pilsner style beer

– Tomato juice

– Sriracha hot chili sauce

– Pineapple

– Lemon and lime juice

– Olive juice

– Bitters

– Salt, pepper and Tajin fruit seasoning


Lacey’s reaction? ”This is good…you can taste the beer, but it also tastes like a Bloody Mary.”

Me: “Yes love…that’s what a Michelada is.”

Lacey: [laughter] “Oh yeah…Ooooo, and it’s spicy – but a good spicy.”

Me: “You don’t think it tastes weird with the pineapple?”

Lacey: “There’s pineapple in it???”


TOAST…“To cocktail fun and ‘funner’ conversation.”  



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