Almond cake gets ‘Frenched’





Lacey’s mom, ‘Momma Sweeney’, loves to surprise us with desserts. Depending on her inspiration and ingredients on hand – she’ll deliver anything from cookies, muffins and cupcakes, to pies and seasonal breads. Whether we agree or not, Lacey and I become her taste kitchen for all gluten and dairy-free baking experiments. Momma Sweeney’s most recent subject?…Almond Cake.

It was DELICOUS! But after indulging in our share of ‘one more piece’ – we were still left with half a cake. Lacey’s ‘no waste’ mentality inspired an alternative use. So after a quick exploration through the refrigerator, all discoveries led to an obvious re-creation – French Toast. Saturday’s breakfast consisted of:

– GF/DF Almond Cake

– French Toast batter – eggs, vanilla almond milk, vanilla extract, cinnamon, salt and pepper

– Blueberry-agave reduction with a squeeze of lemon

– Turkey, breakfast sausage


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