Guac grilled cheese, Enchilada quinoa






I had a chat with a buddy the other day who released a trailer for his very first documentary – and because of the initial attention and publicity he’s received, Brad is inspired to express his love for sports via a neglected blog site. This conversation got me thinking…what am I REALLY passionate about, and what do I have the MOST FUN doing?

My answer didn’t take long to recognize. I LOVE cooking for Lacey! And when considering our next meal, my FAVORITE thing to do is open the refrigerator, pull out a handful of aging ingredients, identify potential flavor profiles, then make a couple rounds of ‘cuts’ to determine who makes it on the dinner table. Regardless of available meal items, I always aim for an interesting theme and restaurant-style presentation. Why? Because Lacey deserves it!

Wednesday night’s final cut:

– Boar’s Head chicken deli meat

– Udi’s GF sandwich bread

– Daiya ‘cheddar style shreds’

– Guacamole – avocado, jalapeño, tomato, red onion, cilantro and lemon, salt and pepper

– Quinoa – water and chicken broth (1:1), salt and pepper, red enchilada sauce, fresh cilantro



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