Weekend baking: blueberry muffins





It’s been quite a while since Suede and I had the whole weekend off together — and we took full advantage of it over the holiday. What that means for us is a movie date Friday night (Pitch Perfect 2 was amazeballs, btw); errands and day drinking and night drinking Saturday;  and a lot of eating and naps on Sunday and Monday.

When I got the itch to bake on Sunday, I was delighted and surprised to find we had two pints of blueberries on hand. Not only did we have fresh blueberries, we had a gluten free blueberry muffin recipe from the Wall Street Journal on the counter. (Side note: we do not receive the WSJ, we have a great friend who generously donates the ‘Off Duty’ section to us each week.) I used this recipe.

To me, homemade blueberry muffins feel fancy and indulgent. And since I rarely cook, it’s my small token of appreciation to Suede for feeding me on a regular basis. I hope to use more of summer’s spoils in baked treats. Maybe zucchini brownies? Strawberry pie? Raspberry scones? Any suggestions??


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