Cocktail Ice




I’ve recently been using leftovers to inspire my ‘next creation.’ But maybe because it’s been freakin’ hot out lately (five days in a row reaching at least 100 degrees), my appetite for a hearty meal has been curbed. Although we Tucsonans learn to expect this devilish, summer weather – how quickly our consumption cravings change never fail to surprise. So this time, “a cold treat” was all that guided my refrigerator choices. Last week’s grocery picks suggested not necessarily a cocktail option, but a vital cocktail component. A chilled beverage option also seemed like the best remedy for a seasonal dry mouth.

Whether you call it ‘flavored ice’, ‘cocktail ice’ or ‘bar cubes’ – all you additionally need is a base alcohol and a shaker. Here are some rock-type suggestions for your next pour:

– Lemon sparkling water and bitters

– Mint simple syrup

– Cherry simple syrup

– Coffee


TOAST…”To whiskey on homemade rocks”


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