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Apparently they’ve been meeting for ‘Wednesday night dinner’ for over a year now…our neighbors across the street to the left, the neighbors next to them, and a neighbor that shares their backyard wall. It has become their weekly tradition to enjoy a culturally inspired meal – accompanied by pot-luck-style side dishes, abundant beer and wine options and casual conversation. Oh and get this…even a couple who no longer lives in the neighborhood still gets invited – “they’re in charge of dessert.”

This recent discovery came as such a surprise for one reason – Lacey was one of the original homeowners on our street. So when one should be referred to as Silversnout Dr. Queen or President but has never received an invite – we weren’t upset, just ‘disappointed.’ But last week we finally got our chance to join the elite, Wednesday-night club!

For reasons that remain unclear, the dinner clan’s leader (they call him Marquis) approached us with a unique proposal…”Heeeey, if you can come up with a broccoli dish to pair with pork – the board is willing to vote on a standing invite.” Only because Wednesdays are typically a slow day for anything worth recording on TV, Lacey and I agreed to pursue the opportunity.

We prepared roasted broccoli with seasoned, sugared almonds and walnuts for a menu of:

– Grilled pork tenterloin

– Homemade BBQ and mustard sauce

– Parsley white rice (long grain)

Whether the flavors spoke for themselves, or the promise of a blog post intrigued the spirit – by the end of the evening it was unanimous – Lacey and Suede were in. The ‘neighbors next to the park’ became dinner guests nine and ten.


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