“GLUTEN FREEstyle” at Eataly Chicago






From hunger point: The Art Institute of Chicago…

Hunger struck midway through the Pablo Picasso gallery. Agreeing that a bus ride would take too long and a cab fee not worth the short trip, we took to walking a mile north towards Eataly – a passionate recommendation by our experienced Chicago host.

Imagine a Whole Foods Market, EVERYTHING Italian, five times bigger with the energy of a crowded marketplace – and you have Eataly! Lacey and I chose Osteria di Eataly as our dining venue (one of nine in-store ‘restaurant’ choices). Described as, “a place serving wine and simple food…with modern and traditional preparations” – we anxiously asked our server for suggested gluten and dairy-free options. After confirming some questionable items with the chef, Angel took our order…

First course: BARBABIETOLA – a roasted beet salad with Champagne vinaigrette

Second course: COTECHINO – Housemade pork sausage with local mustard

Third course: POLLO CON PANZANELLA – seared chicken with Tuscan style veggies

Dessert: TORTINA DI NOCCIOLE – a chocolate, hazelnut flourless cake

(full menu descriptions here)

Although not a ton of GF/DF options, our lunch feast was delicious. The atmosphere alone was worth the trip – and a rich, chocolate dessert will always win Lacey over. At the end of our meal, we even discovered a gluten-free pasta option at a venue across the store. Extremely tempted to indulge in a ‘bonus’ course, our stomachs convinced us otherwise.

L&S rating:

OPTIONS – would desire more items to consider it a go-to spot

ALLERGY CONCERNS – GF items very susceptible to cross-contamination; sauces prepared in advance likely to contain dairy products

LACEY’S STOMACH – heavy from a generous ingestion of olive oil – but otherwise happy, delighted and satisfied. No sign of gluten consumption!

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