Old Fashioned Feeling Peachy


DSC_0300_2Last week Lacey made a delicious peach ‘not-so’ empanada. It was fruity but not overly sweet, with a hint of spice that didn’t clash with the summer heat. But it was missing something…perhaps a matching cocktail? Why not, right? It sure beats a milk or coffee pairing.

Using Lacey’s leftover peach filling as a base, I kept the ingredient list simple. The result was a version of an Old Fashioned – enjoyed thoroughly as a fruitful breakfast dessert.

The cocktail from the bottom up:

– Lacey’s peach filling (the bigger the scoop the better)

– peach schnapps (1oz. pour)

– Squeeze of lemon

– splash of soda

(muddle and strain; swirl to coat glass; add rocks)

– Angel’s Envy whiskey (2oz. pour)

– garnish with frozen peach wedge and lemon twist

Look good, drink good,


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