Summertime treat: Popsicles!






Summers in Tucson can feel like they drag on and on. Relaxing poolside helps and going to an ice cold movie theatre midday is always a good option. Or, reverse hibernating – that’s staying inside when temperatures are at their highest and only venturing out early morning or when the sun sets. When summertime fatigue sets in, cooking, baking or eating a heavy meal or dessert is less than desirable. This week, I took my first stab at making popsicles. I used this recipe, which I like for its simple ingredients: fresh berries, coconut milk, natural cane sugar and a little spice. I substituted cinnamon and dried orange peel for the cardamom and raspberries for the blackberries. The result is ideal: a cool, refreshing treat with a handful of ingredients you can taste. And I love the popsicles’ prettiest pinky-purple color. I’ve rounded up a few more popsicle variations to try: boozy, fruity and chocolatey. They’re sure to make triple digit heat a bit more bearable.


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