A big event, a sweet celebration




Planning and executing large events is a huge undertaking. Initial plans start a year out and for months painstaking details are determined. Then – POOF – in three hours it’s over. Both gratification and appreciation are short-lived. Luckily, Suede gets it; he never fails to jump in to lend a hand, nor forgets to express his admiration. Here’s his latest celebration:

Hi Love, 

The way you execute every big work-event is admirable. The hundreds of details you acknowledge and your communication style are both inspiring. I’ve always respected how hard you work. And it’s impressive how gracefully you address unexpected obstacles. Your leadership ability is also obvious. In the weeks surrounding one of your annual events, I understand how much crap you deal with. BUT, I’m always here for you. I will always be your escape from the peanut gallery. 

I love your passion for perfection. I love your pride in final decisions. I love your poise in negative feedback from the dozens who ‘just don’t get it.’

Baby! You’re a strong woman, and you’re beautiful, and you’re deserving of everything positive and happy. I made you a Suede-style sundae…it’s in the fridge. 

Sundae ingredients:

– A fancy glass

– SO Delicious almond milk ice cream – “Cookies ‘N Cream”

– SO Delicious coconut whipped topping – “Coco Whip”

– Edward & Sons waffle cone pieces

– Whole Foods Market (365 brand) organic chocolate syrup

– Chopped cashews

– The Silver Plate all natural maraschino cherries

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