Shirt, Ann Taylor, old, similar here and here; skirt, Zara, here; shoes, Vans, here; bag, Coach, old, similar here and here; sunglasses, Wild Fox, here; necklace, old, similar here and here; watch, Nixon, here.

Last week, Suede and I broke out of our routine and attended a Tuesday night concert. This wasn’t just any concert, it was High Dive Heart, Colbie Caillat and one of our all time favorite artists, Christina Perri. The whole show was enchanting, but the highlight was to see Christina Perri on the same stage we saw her nearly five years ago. (Eeeep!)

So, how to dress for a full work day and an evening concert? A black, navy blue and gold palette read professional for the office.  And the loose fitting top, stretchy skirt and slip-on sneakers allow for maximum concert-dancing. While going to bed close to 1 a.m. midweek is not ideal, it was so worth it and I hope we break out of routine more often.


P.S. Yes, this was shot with an iPhone because sometimes you forget to bring your real camera.


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