Suede’s Bar Cart: “Accessorizing”





Lacey has her closet, I have my bar-cart. It’s a space that embraces my style. It offers daily variety. It houses pieces that reflect my character. It helps me satisfy emotions.

Suede’s Bar Cart is a carefully accumulated wardrobe.

Every element is respected. Articles gratefully serve their purpose. This personal space is guided by quality, happiness and self-worth.

While Lacey calls it shopping, I perceive it as ‘increasing inventory.’ Regardless, the adventure of ‘visiting my favorite vendors’ is always fun. Sale items are always considered. Statement pieces immediately added to one of two wish lists (Birthday or Christmas). There is a ton I wish I could have, but budget and priorities keep most purchases modest.

Suede’s Bar Cart is my version of fashion. To keep it relevant and inspiring – sometimes all it needs is a new accessory. Two Cocktail Sidecar Carafe’s (here) and a set of Stainless Steel Straws (here) have found their new home.


Look good, eat good,



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