No Soy Sauce

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Sadly, the generous use of soy sauce makes ‘Chinese food’ a threat to Lacey’s diet. Of course there are other wheat-based ingredients in traditional Chinese dishes, but nothing as significant as soy sauce. The frustration is this – a simple substitution of gluten-free Tamari (a Japanese form of soy sauce) – would re-introduce some Friday night, take-out favorites!

The headline suggests the name of my hypothetical menu-concept. Whether it be a food truck or seasonal take-out window – I’m thinking an exclusive menu of fried-rice bowls, rice-noodle dishes, and of course, THE EGG ROLL. Some basic equipment (definitely a wok), pantry staples and a selection of fresh produce and proteins – and you’re in business.

Lacey and I will be your first customers…that’s a promise.


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