Pumpkin Spice Pancakes





To be fully transparent, Suede does 95% of the cooking in our household. HOWEVER, that does not mean that I don’t know how to nor does it mean that I don’t cook. I’ve binge watched enough Food Network to know how to make everything from a soufflé to a rack of lamb….I know how, I’ve just never done it.

But, when I do get a wild hare, it turns out pretty darn good. Suede’s been working weekends, so being the doting fiancé that I am, I made him pumpkin spice pancakes with apple pie topping. I winged the pancake recipe using an overripe banana, an egg, coconut pumpkin spice drink (here), gluten-free Bisquick, cinnamon and nutmeg. While the pancakes were tasty all on their own, the apple pie topping* rounded out the autumnal theme I was shooting for. I paired the pancakes with pumpkin spice coffee and sufficiently exhausted my pumpkin-spice-allowance for the day. Needless to say, Suede was satisfied. Now, I do intend to be a repeat offender and make this breakfast again and again…and then one more time.

*I got the gluten-free, hand-crafted apple pie filling from a local memory care facility; it’s made by residents and each purchase goes to the Alzheimer’s Association. It not only tastes good, it’s for a good cause!


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