To the girls who wear glasses





Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of trick-or-treating with my longtime friend, her two beautiful daughters, nephews and 8-year old niece, Emma. Once the kids were full of candy, faces washed and changed out of their costumes, Emma and I discussed her costume for the evening: Katy Perry. She ended the conversation with, “There aren’t many costumes you can wear when you have glasses.” I was was stunned. “Wait a second!,” I thought. “I wear glasses, too. And we can wear anything we want, we’re not going to let glasses stop us from that!” But, I was voiceless. I had dressed as a circus ringleader that evening and opted for contacts instead of glasses – how could I tell her she could be / wear/ do anything she wanted with glasses when I wasn’t wearing them myself? And as she bounded away to play with the other kids, I stood there, inarticulate and saddened.

To 8-year old Emma, my 12-year old self and all the girls (and boys!) who need glasses, this one’s for you:

You, my dear, are beautiful. You are one-of-a-kind. This world needs you and it needs you to be the best version of you. You are beautiful in spite of your glasses and you are beautiful because of your glasses. They don’t define you, they don’t inhibit you and they don’t diminish you. You can wear and do and be anything you want. You’ve been given a gift with your glasses — to live and see with clarity. Can you remember what it was like before you had them? Dark, fuzzy, restricted. And how much you were missing? Spotting each pine on the tree-covered mountain, the faint freckles on your sibling’s face, the layers of rock on the canyon wall and the menu at your favorite restaurant. When you can see, your world becomes so much more vibrant and expansive — drink it in. Use this blessing of glasses to your advantage and set the world on fire.

With all my love,


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  1. What a wonderful message Lacey. Even if young girls don’t have a problem with glasses, their peers can be so unkind. I remember at ten, when I first required glasses, I was the brunt of many jokes. That was a long time ago, and specs are now so much more attractive. I wish someone would have reassured me that my life would be enriched by being able to see, what other people saw was unimportant. But these are lessons we learn later in life.

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