Whisky Boots




Leather boots paired with a new bottle of Scotch, and I’m set for the rest of the season. My Desert Mali’s were an impulse buy. I figured they’d play well into my ‘casual meets dressy’ fashion approach. Worn with a cuffed chino or slack with a layered tee and sports coat has taken me to a Halloween vampire lecture, a Broadway show and to dinner with Lacey.

Gifted to me by a pilates client, a bottle of Glenfiddich 14 Yr Bourbon Barrel Reserve anticipates a festive season. Although special-release brews and holiday drinks tempt the palate, a single philosophy guides my Fall drinking habits…

“Drink neat to eat, eat, eat.”

Drinking less (strictly in terms of ounces consumed/serving) ‘justifies’ a lengthy menu of candy, pies and Thanksgiving seconds…and thirds…and fourths! If I can make it to Christmas without exceeding my fighting weight (or pilates-teaching weight) by 5lbs. – there’s a lot to be thankful for.

“TOAST…to fall essentials.”


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